Shiva LanRover
Too often, information is lost as the march of technology moves forward. Manufacturers are all too willing to forget about a product once it isn't in their immediate vision any more. Such a case is Shiva. They were never very forthcoming with info and their tech support sucked. Things only got worse when intel acquired them in 1999. In 2001, Intel has dumped all remote access products and many users are left high and dry. I posted a message to the list a while back documenting my plight, wherein the files I needed were hidden in an encrypted self-extracting zip file, snm50e.exe - and the password had to be cracked out of it because Shiva was being so uncooperative. That password is "OAKDANCE". I recently had request for the file, because it is no longer available from shiva, or apparently anywhere else on the net. I still have to pull it off of backup tape, but it will end up here.

I have a Shiva LanRover/8E and a 48 modem, 33.6K Shiva T1 RAS. Anyone else interested in a shiva-survivors mailing list, please drop me some email. -bob