Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany, June 2000

World largest Gothic festival. Unfortunately, it is very likely that this was the last festival due to some of the organizers running off with the money in the middle of the festival, causing much trouble. The show was also attacked by both Skinheads and Communists, and the police had to be called. Nevertheless, we had a good time, in spite of the heat. I would have taken more pictures had the battery charger for the camera been able to handle 220v!

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View from the Renaissance Hotel. Seen is a building of typical East German bland construction, but this building isn't in too bad shape.

Goths on the lawn outside the Hotel.

Leipzig's Hauptbahnhof, or main train station. It is very large and fairly beautiful

A rather unusual sideways building. (Yes I'll rotate it when I put all these pictures through photoshop).

A twin of the building above, except that it is rightways. In the Leipzig city center (Zentrum)

Street scene in City Center. (Grimmaische Str. facing west?)

Street scene in City Center. (Grimmaische Str. facing east?)

Interesting Building in City Center.

Grey, Depressing building in southern City Center.

This wonderfully restored building is an example of the rebirth of Leipzig.

Narrow street in the sourthern city center, with goths walking towards the University.

People gathered outside the MortitzBastei, park and catacombs.

Eating outside the Moritzbastei, a naturally gothic place. The bodies have been removed, and now cafe's and music halls fill it. Much happened here after the rest of the venues were shut down.

I think the Moritzbastei was my favoite part of Wave Gotik Treffen, and my favorite place in Leipzig.

A beautiful high German building in the southwest of the city center.

Michelle at the singing water bowl: Running from cloudbursts, we discovered this odd thing in a building lobby. It is a singing water bowl. If you rub your hands on the handles just right, you can create a louder and louder hum and there are standing waves in the water, and the water jumps!

Sideways singing water bowl. How does Michelle keep the water in?

In the same general area is a passage with ornate leather ceilings. I'll brighten this picture up in photoshop and hopefully you'll be able to see more details then.

That's all! Hopefully when danni gets some of here photographs scanned in they can be added.

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